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City Auditorium


  1. Basketball Court
  2. Fitness Center
  3. Game Room
  4. Walking Track
The City Auditorium is located at the corner of Spring and Floyd Streets in downtown Danville. The Center houses a 1400-seat auditorium which is ideal for concerts, plays, and other special events. The Center also includes a regulation-sized gymnasium used for basketball, volleyball, dances, and other gym activities. Additionally, the Center is home to the Power Zone Fitness Center and a game room on the fifth floor. The facility is available for rental for public and private events. The center also has a conference room. The auditorium boasts a capacity of 1,400. For more information, you can see the virtual tour.

Amenities include:
  • 1,400-seat auditorium
  • Regulation-size basketball court
  • Walking track
  • Power Zone Fitness Center

Rental Fees

Reservation Length


Four-Hour Minimum  $300
Each Additional Hour $75

Additional fees may apply for revenue-generating events.